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Base: Kingdom of Ashlands, Vandiir Duchy

Motto- We are the light in the darkness, igniting the way to victory.

Type of County- Mega County(3)

Actively seeking out military guilds, Assassin/Ranger guilds and all types of economic guilds to inhabit our lands.

SANCTUS is a Mega County of individuals united by the strength of the human soul. At our roots, we are a faith established in the goal of furthering humanity. We protect our fellow man, whether from each other, or the dangers of the world. We protect our Kingdom of Ashlands under our much revered King Sev Kimura on NA-W. We serve our intelligent and battle hardened Duke, Pteroguin, in all of his military endeavors and conquests.

Who among us won’t stand up and declare before the eyes and ears of his fellow man that he is righteous? All humanity may one day stand united against the threats of the world, and the most holy among us will find themselves at the front lines, dispensing SANCTUS justice to the wicked by their own hand.

We do not care whether you are heavily RP oriented or not, we will respect your wishes. However PVP in some facet is a must, whether you carry the sword, make the sword, sell the sword, or find the best place to attack.

What we do:

•Craft the finest weaponry and tools to make Sanctus both a bustling trade hub and technologically superior.

•Provide wartime assistance to those we deem worthy, crushing those we deem wicked.

•Explore the unknown, taking over other territory where we will be the most needed.

•Provide training and support to new knights, assassins, and rangers.

•We shall inflict SANCTUS justice on the wicked, bandits shall be destroyed and the treasonous shall be wiped out.

What we expect from our citizens:

•We expect citizens to represent us with dignity and become either economical or militaristic powerhouses as we establish SANCTUS as a powerful County.

•Members representing SANCTUS shall never be found stealing from the innocent or pure, the wicked however, are open season.

We will be hosting multiple types of guilds. These are blacksmithing, masonry, carpentry, weapon smithing, armour smithing, and healers. If you would like to join the City under one of these guilds, land will be provided and taxes will be low.. Any guilds that plan to be in the exposition will receive first pick to help develop the City. Any religious group that would like to join will be permitted, assuming they act in a manner that is productive to the City

If you are interested in dominating your enemies, join our discord HERE or HERE

Tiers who have already pledged themselves to me:







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