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Hello and Welcome all potential citizens of Fortis Militis

Who we serve

The County of Fortis Militis, serves the Kingdom of Ashland, in the Duchy of Vandiir. The capital city is Taenarius. While many want a military-focused county, the other important aspects, such as farming, crafting, and trade, cannot be ignored. The following is a brief overview of the key aspects of the county.


Science is a key aspect of any society, and the advances it brings are crucial to its people. The county funded science division will test the fastest and most efficient ways to conduct ourselves in COE. It will be charged with inventing new technologies, innovating known ones, and documenting new discoveries. Our science will focus on conveniences for the people, and military efficiency.


Trade deals across the kingdom and with foreign powers, to allow raw material producers and crafters easier access to markets across the continent are already being made. Crafters of high level (depending on in-game mechanics) will be given tax breaks as an incentive to support the county. While there will be a focus on industrial work, these deals, and other ideas, such as “land zones” for specific economic purposes, will prevent resource drain. We have many unique ideas for sustainable farming and creative ways to accomplish the quick and stable growth.


The current plan is to use a military academy as a gateway to the county army. Education and equipment will be funded by this school. As part of enrollment in the academy, a contract will be signed to set a minimum guarantee of time served in the military. Each soldier will be paid a wage/stipend so that there can be a standing army at all times. During times of peace, soldiers will be guarding roads, and patrol the border. Mandatory training exercises will be held regularly to keep skills sharpened and soldiers coordinated.


Count Bellum

“I’ll give it to you straight, I’m an honest person. You play straight with me and we won’t have any problems. I have an open door policy, and I’m willing to listen to all ideas that you feel will make the community better and help it grow. That doesn’t mean I have time to listen to every idea, so please try to keep it to your best ideas only. As your leader, I will do everything in my power to help you succeed. I expect the best from my citizens, just as you expect the best from me. I believe my people are the best and if any foreign or domestic problems arise I will stand for my people.”


“I am the man put in charge of many of the finer aspects of the county. I will bring order and prosperity to our county. I am fluent in many aspects of running a county. I am especially suited for trade and directing success. The excellence of the county matters very much to me, and I will strive every day to create it.”

How to Get Involved with the County

if you want get involved join the Following

Kingdom of Ashland

Duchy of Vandiir

County of Fortis Militis

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