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Hello Fellow Vandiirians!

(Vandiirionites, … Vandiironians?)


 Blackshoes here with a quick guide that will get you on your feet with being able to post to Vandiir.com about your County, Settlement, Guild, or even Business, along with giving you access to start forum topics and set up community calendar events, so all good stuff, read on!


Step 1:

First off, you will need to sign up to this site, not a member yet, or not even in Vandiir?  Well then what the hell are you doing reading this guide =/  get yourself over to the discord and talk to the good people of Vandiir to see about joining up, if you need more motivation check out our screenshot section and see all the   ̶s̶h̶e̶n̶a̶n̶i̶g̶a̶n̶s̶ ̶  fun you have been missing out on.


Ok you are signed up to the site and you have something you need to post about!

Step 3:

Use the webform below:

  or any technical help link on the site or discord to request getting “Author” or “Contributor” status, what’s the difference, well Authors can do all of the previous mentioned postings and event scheduling, Contributors can’t upload custom graphics/files for their posts to the site, and can’t schedule events, for either of those two a contributor must reach out to an administrator of the site/discord, while a Author can do so freely.

Either way the following steps are the same after you have been escalated to your new role.

Step 7:

Log in/refresh the Vandiir.com site and bask in the glory of your new bezel bar:

Again if you aren’t an Author your list will be shorter but let’s continue to posting and not dwell.

Step 14:

Posting about your place/project/business -really the process is going to be almost the same for any of these, first use the above menu and click or mouse over new and it should take you to post, or let you select post from the drop down list.

Step 19:

The important parts of the above are the title (can’t leave that out), the large text box, which incidentally does absolutely accept copy pasting from any forum page (when viewing them, not in “Edit” post mode, as wordpress does not use markdown like the CoE forums), Tag, and Category options.

Step 37:

After you fill out the left side which is all you, we will move on to Tag, and Category options.

Category – Categories change where the posts show up, Tags change how they can be sorted through.  For example, if we are making a county page then we would want to use the County Category, it will then show up on the county page http://Vandiir.com/counties which displays all counties randomly on each reload. (funfact, you can use the Frontpage category to place a post on the front page, but County/Settlement/Org posts should never be categorized with the Frontpage category, though we will have a spot just for any of the aforementioned randomly selected to show up on the Frontpage =o)

If you were making a post for a School or Guild then you would use those categories to show up on the respective pages (coming soon), and finally;

Tags – Tags change sorting data, so if your County, Settlement, Guild, or other group is all about a profession or skill then you will want to add tags for later, this will let players search for relevant posts all across the site, a player interested in lumberjacking could search the lumberjack tag and end up with a County, multiple Settlements, an a dozen Guilds all specializing in lumberjacking (maybe even a school, who knows).

Step 187:

Admire your post and request a short link -We will go through and shorten links often, posts will come in ordered by date they were added, but for instance this post @ : http://vandiir.com/index.php/2017/11/07/authorguide/ ‎ isn’t as easy to direct people to as say : http://vandiir.com/authorguide

they both work but the second one is shorter but can only be made by a site admin, so for that you will need to let us know using the support webform, or if you have an idea for some custom CSS or look to your post then share it with an admin and maybe we can add some custom formatting for you..

Otherwise you are 100%, share the link and don’t forget to update it as details change/expand using the edit post option when viewing the post.

Thanks for reading!

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