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Welcome to Vandiir.com

What's this?

You too can join Vandiir in our many games and social hi-jinks!

From online gaming to special community events we promise to keep you entertained:

Welcome to Vandiir.com

A gaming community that actively plays Ark, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Overwatch, Hero’s of the storm, and many other games including the in production Chronicles of Elyria and Star Citizen.

Above you will find some of our most popular projects, such as Ark-Air Empires (our 3 faction Steampunk inspired Ark server with Purge mechanics), The Vandiirian pages for our Chronicles of Elyria Duchy/Counties/Baronies and many organizations, our Star Citizen Org page with screenshots and articles, and our Pwder-Puff Gamers Twitch event videos & Calendar.

Below you will find recent posts that involve all of our community events and our Community Calendar where you can join us in playing with, watching, and experiencing Vandiir!

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  • AuthorGuide - AKA I Authorize this update!
    Hello Fellow Vandiirians! (Vandiirionites, ... Vandiironians?)    Blackshoes here with a ...
  • Count Spotlight - Jaad Isiil
    Recently I had a programming question and asked around our community and ran across Jaad and his Tec...
  • Forums are live and things move forward
    Wanted to give a quick shout out to Blackshoes for getting us started.  Many exciting and new thing...
  • Recruitment Begins!
    The Duchy of Vandiir: The Duke Samsara Motto: Scentia, Cognitia, Sapientia, Veritate. A so...
  • Hello Elyria!
    I wanted to take a moment and thank you for stopping by.  I felt the need to put together a little ...

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